Welcome to Psychological Assessment, Consultation, & Treatment (PACT)

Dr. Hollie Sobel provides a variety of psychological services to assist in improving

day-to-day functioning. 



There are many symptoms (e.g., inattention, sleeping difficulties, withdrawal) that are common among different disorders. An assessment helps to clarify the problem areas. Strengths, as well as weaknesses, are evaluated.  Based on an individual’s needs, the assessment phase may be brief or more comprehensive. The latter may include use of standardized testing measures.


A careful assessment allows for development of an effective treatment plan. Dr. Hollie Sobel works collaboratively with clients to create the treatment protocol. Therapy sessions may be individual, family, and/or group. Your needs will change over time. As such, treatment is tailored each step of the way.


Consultation services are also available. For instance, families may be assisted with school programming issues for their children.




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